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Festival Tales: Edinburgh at 70

Presented by Jack Whitehall, this one-hour documentary celebrates 70 years of one of the greatest arts festivals in the world – from the idealism of its glorious beginnings in 1947, when the Edinburgh Festival was conceived as a ‘bond of reunion in a disintegrated world’, part of a healing process in the aftermath of the Second World War, to the birth of the Fringe the same year and the creative anarchy that it unleashed.

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A Family Divided

Edited by Gary Scott and Produced/Directed by Bianca Barker  this film looks looks at the incredible story of the Clark Family.

After World War Two a newly elected government promised to protect everyone, ‘from cradle to grave’. The Clark family slipped through the net, leaving 17 siblings cast to the four corners of Scotland. Three were sentenced to childhood slavery in the Highlands under the boarding-out system, a form of fostering started in the 1870s and lasting 100 years. The rest of the siblings were adopted, fostered or died and buried in unmarked graves.

The welfare system swallowed them up, denied them contact and hid them from each other. Only now as they reach retirement in their 60s and after years of battling with the authorities, have the siblings begun to uncover their collective history and reunite.

This is a remarkable story of the growing pains of our welfare state, the Clark family and their continued search for the two last siblings.

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